Challenges of Deterrence in the Era of Great Power Competition

9 February 2022 | 15:30-17:00 | The Hague and online


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The crises in eastern Ukraine and the increasing tensions around Taiwan highlight the challenges the West faces in deterring aggression in the new era of great power competition. Three speakers will discuss key dynamics of deterrence strategy, the state of NATO deterrence post-2014, analyse the current complex politics of deterrence and discuss the consequences for security and defence policy in Europe.

The lack of progress in the diplomatic talks between Russia and the US about the security demands asked for by Russia, combined with the large Russian troop concentration on the borders of Ukraine, makes that military conflict in the Ukraine is becoming a more realistic possibility. At the same time, the Chinese clamp down on Hong Kong and Xi JinPing embracing Chinese Nationalism makes that tensions are rising around the island of Taiwan. These developments highlight the challenges the West faces in their efforts to deter the use of force in the current era of renewed great power competition. 

In light of these developments the Institute for Security and Global Affairs (ISGA) together with the Royal Netherlands Society for War Studies (KVBK) will organise a debate on the key dynamics of contemporary deterrence strategy. Former Secretary General of NATO and Professor Emeritus of International Relations and Diplomatic Practice Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, Rob de Wijk, Professor of International Relations at Leiden University and Chairman of The Hague Centre for Security Studies and Air Commodore Frans Osinga, Chair of the War Studies Department of the Netherlands Defence Academy and the Special KVBK Chair in War Studies at ISGA, together with Willemijn Aerdts of the Intelligence Research Group at ISGA, will discuss the state of NATO deterrence post-2014, analyse the current complex politics of deterrence and discuss the consequences for security and defence policy in Europe. 

The webinar will take place on Wednesday 9 February, between 15:30 and 17:00 at Leiden University Campus The Hague and online.

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The live event will take place in accordance with current COVID guidelines.