We are honoured to announce a significant and inspiring lecture by the Minister of Defence, Kajsa Ollongren. This event marks her final address in her current role, offering a unique opportunity to gain insights from her distinguished career and vision for the future.

'Handing Over Responsibility' is a reflection on Minister Ollongren's journey to becoming the Minister of Defence. She will delve into her experiences as a student, the professional milestones that defined her career and the key decisions and initiatives that characterised her tenure. This lecture will also address crucial contemporary issues such as the war in Ukraine, Societal Resilience, the Rule of Law, Defence Engagement, and Diplomacy. Additionally, Minister Ollongren will discuss the essential qualities and character traits required for success in the security domain.

Key topics to be covered

1. Path to Leadership:

  • Personal anecdotes and professional experiences that shaped her career.
  • Educational background and early professional roles.

2. Accents of Tenure:

  • Major initiatives introduced during her time as Minister.
  • Strategic priorities and achievements within the Ministry of Defence.

3. Contemporary Issues:

  • War in Ukraine: Insights on the conflict and its implications for global security.
  • Societal Resilience: responses and strategies dealing with emerging threats to the public.
  • Rule of Law: Ensuring accountability that upholds democratic values and justice.
  • Interconnected Geopolitics: Strengthening international partnerships and conflict prevention.

4. Future Vision:

  • Recommendations for the military and civil service moving forward.
  • Essential qualities and responsibilities for students and professionals in the security domain.

5. Character and Success in Security:

  • Discussion on what it takes to be successful in the security domain.
  • Key character traits and values necessary for leadership and responsibility.

Minister Ollongren will emphasise the importance of responsibility, leadership, and innovation in continuing to strengthen our national security. She will offer valuable advice and inspiration to the next generation of leaders and professionals, encouraging them to take up the mantle with dedication and integrity.

Who should attend?

Students of security and defence studies.

  • Professionals in the defence and security sectors.
  • Members of the academic community.
  • Anyone interested in leadership and national security.

Join us:

This lecture promises to be a compelling and insightful event. Do not miss this opportunity to learn from Minister Kajsa Ollongren as she shares her journey and vision for the future.

We look forward to welcoming you to this special event at Leiden University in The Hague (seats are limited, so early registration is advised).

Register at the website of Leiden University