In his briefing Brigadier Poulette will touch upon the major logistic topics currently dominating the work in NATO. As the responsible officer for the enablement of SACEUR’s Area of Responsibility he will provide the audience with an inside of this task, what it means for the NATO organisation, the co-operation with EU entities and last but not least the Allied Nations. He will explain that Enablement is more than just a military topic but it deserves a ‘Whole of Government approach’. The briefer will elaborate on the NATO Command Structure Adaptation and some new organisations found in there like the Joint Support and Enabling Command (JSEC) and the Standing Joint Logistic Support Group (SJLSG). Brigadier Poulette will actively seek interaction with the audience.


16:00 : ontvangst met koffie en thee (Leeuwenkuil)

16:30 : aanvang lezing (Perszaal)

17:30 : aanvang borrel (Coffee Corner)

18:30 : einde


De lezing vindt plaats bij het Ministerie van Defensie, Plein-Kalvermarktcomplex (ingang Kalvermarkt 32) Den Haag

Toegang is alleen mogelijk met een geldig legitimatiebewijs of een defensiepas.