We are thrilled to announce the upcoming Hyperwar Symposium, scheduled for October 3, 2023. This groundbreaking event, organized by the Royal Netherlands War Studies Association, promises to be a dynamic exploration of the most critical issues in modern warfare.

What is Hyperwar?
Hyperwar represents the next frontier in military strategy, encompassing a rapidly evolving landscape of technologies and tactics. It is a realm where Hypersonics, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & LAWS (Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems), technology transitions, improvised threats, swarming techniques, deterrence strategies, and ethical and societal implications converge to shape the future of conflict.

Key Topics and Sessions:
-    Hypersonics: Unveiling the speed of the future battlefield.
-    AI in Warfare: Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence for military advantage.
-    Robotics & LAWS: Examining the role of autonomous systems in modern warfare.
-    Transition of Technology: Adapting and integrating new tech seamlessly.
-    Improvised Threats: Responding to unpredictable challenges.
-    Swarming Tactics: Mastering the art of coordinated assaults.
-    Deterrence Strategies: Ensuring peace through strength.
-    Ethical and Societal Implications: Navigating the moral and societal dilemmas of hyperwarfare.

Confirmed Speakers:
Anna van Zoest - Director of Atlantische Commissie / Netherlands Atlantic Association
Kenneth Payne - Professor of Strategy at King's College London
Dick C. van Ingen - Netherlands Military Representative to the NATO and European Union Military Committees
Frans Osinga - Professor of War Studies at Leiden University Institute of Security and Global Affairs
Lonneke Peperkamp - Professor of Military Ethics and Leadership at the Netherlands Defence Academy
Mark Voskuijl - Professor of Weapon and Aviation systems at the Netherlands Defence Academy

Interactive Sessions:
Throughout the symposium, we will host engaging Q&A sessions, enabling both our in-person and online audiences to actively participate, pose questions, and contribute to the dialogue. Your insights and inquiries will be integral to the depth and breadth of our discussions. Upon completion of the symposium, we cordially invite you to join us for a social gathering at the venue location.

Hybrid Experience:
This symposium will offer a unique hybrid experience. Attend in person to connect with fellow experts or join the live video feed from anywhere in the world to stay informed and engaged.

Register Now:

Secure your spot at this essential event by registering today! Limited seats are available for in-person attendance, and online access is open to a global audience. Don't miss the opportunity to be at the forefront of hyperwar discussions.

In december 2019 the Military Spectator publiced an article about hyperwar from Drs. H.H. Geveke. (The article is written in Dutch)